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SQE Senior Quality Engineer

  • £67000 - £300000 per annum
  • Shanghai
  • Posted: 26/02/2019
  • Permanent
  • Job Ref: CHI02

Job Details

Responsibilities and Requirements:


  • Responsible for planning the formulation of supplier management mode, modifying and implementing relevant supplier management regulations, so as to improve the level of the supplier system management.
  • Planning and implementing of potential supplier’s access audit.
  • Planning and implementing the selection of the mass production suppliers.
  • Carrying out the supplier APQP management planning after the supplier is designated and assisting the supplier to improve the quality before the delivery of various sample parts, as well as the improvement of production line risks and bottleneck points.
  • Planning supplier PPAP audit, auditing the PPAP date of the supplier product, and conducted on-site PPAP audit for supplier.
  • Planning and implementing annual supplier audit.
  • Responsible for the analysis, countermeasure and verification of the quality problems of outsourcing parts, so as to improve the quality of outsourcing parts.
  • The internal and external unification of the inspection standards shall be made to confirm the consistency of the inspection standards of both parties; and the supplier shall be instructed to revise the inspection standards if there is any difference.
  • Responsible for training professional SQE personnel, and at least 3 persons are trained every year, and can independently guide suppliers or carry out APQP within the company, quality problem solving, quality tools application and other work.



  • More than 15 years’ experience in supplier management of foreign or joint-venture automobile manufacturers (GETRAG, Punch, Mercedes-Benz, Asin and BMW) or automatic transmission projects, able to use quality tools to solve the quality problem of external parts(especially parts with different processes, such as stamping, machining, forging ) and assembly.